Healed of back and neck pain

I  knew  about  Israel in particular from  a  friend  who  happened to  have  her number.  My  friend called  her up  via  WhatsApp and  when she  picked up  the  phone  she  was very  pleasant  and  down to  earth.  She  ministered to me for  a  few minuets then she  asked me  to  stand up  and  move  the  certain areas  in my  body  that  had  pain ,  mostly my  back ,  neck  and head   she  had not  even prayed  for me  yet  and already  the  pain was subsiding.  Then she asked me  to  sit  back  down  again and then  she  prayed  for  me  and  rebuked  the  pain in Jesus’  Name.  It  was short prayer which lasted  about  a  minute or  so  and then she  asked  me  to  get up  again and check  my  body  for  any  pain. And when I  did I found that the pain was completely gone  and I was free!  Praise God.    

Monica  -  Mozambique 

Healed of breast lump

I  attended  the  crusade  in  Hyderabad  and had a  lump  in my  breast, Sister Israel and her team prayed  for  me,  and  the  lump became  smaller in size  and then  she  prayed again and the lump  disappeared completely .  I  was  happy  thank you Jesus!  

Pina  - Hyderbad  India 

healed of kidney stones

I attended the  meeting  in the  meeting in Hyderabad  I was  in severe  pain from kidney stones but sister Israel  prayed for  me  and the pain  was gone  instantly  I  praise Jesus  for  my  healing and  exalt  His  holy  name.  

Simon  -  Hyderabad  India 

Healed of three months of bleeding

Sister  Israel  and her team were ministering in Warangal  India and  when I went  to  her  for  prayer, I was very  sad,  Sister  Israel  looked at  me  and said  “smile  because Jesus  is  about  to  heal  you” She  looked into  my  eyes  and said  “smile  because  this is  coming to  an  end”. She  prayed  for for me  and said you  must come  back to  testify.  I went  home  and the  bleeding stopped, I  went  back  to  the  meeting the next  day  and I testified. Bless the  name  of the  Lord Jesus  Christ. Thank  you  Jesus .  

Sarah  -  Warangal   India 

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In Warangal  Sister  Israel  prayed  for  me  I  had  bad eye  sight  I could  not  in the  distance and I  could not  see  anything  in  front  of me.  She  laid her hands  on  my  eyes and I fell  under the power of the Holy  Ghost  and I  stood  up  I could  see  clearly  whether  near  or    far.  O  glory  to  Jesus!  

Ben -  Warangal India 

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